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Discover the new secret to a fit and pain-free body achieved simply by wearing a simple piece of garment built with a revolutionary Japanese technology – the Aulora Pants. Everyone’s talking about it as a Miracle Healer. Get yours today and get out of pain quickly as you lose unwanted weight. The results will surely surprise you, as it has to countless others.


Chronic pain, whether caused by cancer, arthritis, old age, or any another condition, changes the way you live life. It can be difficult for you to work, enjoy the activities you used to love, or even get out of bed in the morning. The profound effect pain has can contribute to the development of mental health conditions like depression and anxiety, which can make symptoms for the disorders worse. But fortunately, there is now a new and non-invasive way to remove body aches and pains – effortlessly.

AULORA PANTS with Kodenshi for Rapid Pain remedy & weight loss

If you have tried all the other methods to make yourself free from pain and suffering, and have not found any long-lasting remedy so far – the Miraculous Aulora Pants are just what you need to get into to get out of any kind of pain – immediately. The Aulora Pants is a Compression Garment made of a special material called Kodenshi® Fiber. This special fibre emits natural Far Infrared Rays (FIR) when it comes in contact with our skin. This helps with the overall blood circulation within the body which then offers relief to the many health and bodily problems and pains we experience. Further, many people who have worn the Aulora Pants for even a short time have seen significant weight loss. Please read some of the many testimonials by those who have benefitted from these state-of-the-art Aulora Pants below, and be convinced of the miraculous healing powers that can be derived from a simple piece of garment. Please also watch my Product Explainer Video below.

Wear Your Pains Away...

Now, Curing Your Body Aches & Losing Weight Is As Easy As Putting On Pants

Proven To Relieve Body Aches & Promote Weight Loss Just By Wearing A Comfortable Pair of Leggings – The Aulora Pants for Ladies & Gents Are Everyone’s Favourite

Kodenshi Fiber keeps your body nice & warm

What Is Kodenshi Fiber?

Kodenshi® Fiber is state-of-the-art technology that integrates Ultra-Fine Ceramics (0.3μm in diameter) into fiber to enhance the absorption of far infra-red rays found on a human body. The Aulora Pants are made using this unique Kodenshi Fiber in the material. This is why the warmth felt within the Aulora Pants when worn is comfortable and natural as it comes from the wearer’s natural body temperature. This temperature is different from any kind of external temperature experienced. Kodenshi® Fiber technology absorbs the body temperature of the wearer, and then releases the far infrared rays back into the wearer’s body, as shown in the diagram above. This gives a cozy feeling of comfort and warmth to the person wearing the pants. It is ideal for anyone who feels cold all the time, or for people living in cold countries or working in cold places.


Our heart pumps blood with oxygen and nutrients that flow through the arteries to reach the entire body. For blood to return to the heart, the calf muscle acts as a secondary heart and pumps blood to the heart with contractions of the muscles to promote healthy blood circulation. The ergonomic design technology of these pants is designed with segments to match the pressure at different parts of our legs. There is also 20 diamond-shaped fabric stitched together which makes the design more functional. Further, the unique weaving and stitching method allows for flexible body movement while the wide waistband helps flatten the stomach and lift the buttocks. The Aulora Pants are truly a miraculous creation that solves many of our body’s ailments non-invasively and effortlessly.

The Miraculous Healing Powers of Aulora Pants

There are countless benefits that one can get from the Aulora Pants. Here are a few of the common ailments and pains experienced by many that the Aulora Pants have been known to remedy:

Our Legs, Our Second Heart

We all know that efficient blood circulation is essential to our body, and we may also know that it is our heart that pumps the blood throughout our body. But have you asked, how does the blood get pumped up from the lower parts of our body? The Aulora Pants’ creators swear that there is a second heart located at the calves of our legs. And these calves work like the heart does to pump blood back up into the body for circulation. This is why the Aulora Pants are designed with special fiber technology located at the calves area of the garment to effect efficient blood circulation in the body.

Comfortable & Stylish

The unique Aulora Pants for Ladies and Gentlemen are both comfortable and stylish. You will feel a certain lightness as soon as you slip into them – as you gradually reap the many noticeable health benefits they produce. Many people wear these leggings on their own outdoors too as they are stylish enough.

Aulora Pants for Ladies
Stylish Aulora Pants for Ladies
Aulora Pants for Men
Cool Aulora Pants for Men

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Videos are best for showing and demonstrating products. I have taken the liberty to create an explainer video of the Aulora Pants. You get to see the actual product on display as I explain the details of the Aulora Pants and other products and services that you can benefit from. See you on screen…


Our Happy Clients

I have bad knees due to torn ligaments and never went for surgery, so walking up the stairs was an issue for me, but after a month of putting the pants to the test, walking up and down has been a breeze. Surprisingly, I also noticed that my tummy is less bloated, and my skin is softer and looks fresher after just a month of using the AULORA PANTS with Kodenshi®. I have purchased them for my parents and they too are enjoying the many benefits.

Blossom into a New You!


Have a look at the variety of beautiful looking products that are actually serious therapies required for our body. Now you can cure your aches and ailments, without looking like it. Losing weight happens on its own without any special effort on your part. When you are in your Aulora Pants, you could be losing weight just sitting down all day. No sweat.


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You have been taking medicines for so long to manage your pain. The big problem with taking medicines for pains and ailments is their side-effects. Further, you will need to constantly spend your money on medicines, consultancy, and travels to hospitals and clinics on a regular basis. All these add up to thousands of ringgit and take up much of your time and energy. And when the body gets older and immobile, you will need to depend on others to help send you for your check ups. Which may not be to their convenience. In this case, isn’t it better to try a non-invasive alternative to medicines, and not to mention, more affordable and without recurring monthly expenses? The Aulora Pants give you just that. You may be skeptical as to its many promises mentioned above. But, remember, the many others who have given some great reviews for this miraculous product, were also once skeptical as you. Surely, you will carry out your research online on Aulora Pants, and you should, and we welcome you to read the many great reviews left by people independently all over the region online. Finally, you have already tried medicines for years, wouldn’t you want to try something new, non-invasive, and the talk-of-the-town as an option to set you free from pain? Go ahead and get the Aulora Pants, T-Shirt, Socks & Undergarments today.


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With the Aulora pants you can get your active life back quickly. Get in touch now to get out of pain...

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