Hi! My name is Deborah and welcome to my blog where I intend to share my experiences and knowledge gained from 40 years of living. Every day I seek out ways to help the lives of others by sharing helpful resources for a better living. With the launch of my new blog, I look forward to sharing information and inspiration to help you and your family live happier and healthier lives. While I am new to blogging, I am no stranger to the journey of health and happiness. Everything I do is focused on making lives better – in mind, body, and spirit. I welcome your comments and questions as I aim to provide the information most relevant to you.  Do check in daily for new content, or subscribe to receive updates, free e-books and articles in your inbox every 7th of the month.I hope what I share will bring you closer towards everlasting peace and happiness.


Bhagavad Gita

The Bhagavad Gita is a source of inspiration and enlightenment for anyone seeking a peaceful life. The message of the Gita is not just spiritual philosophy but a practical guide for our day-to-day lives. It is indeed “A Users’ Manual for the Practice of the Art of Right Living”, as I have discovered, and I will be sharing more in my blog.



Ayurveda is a ‘Science of Life’ with a holistic approach to health and personalized medicine. It is one of the oldest medical systems (more then five thousand years old). Here, I share with you, carefully selected articles on health and wellness which includes recipes and remedies so you too can live healthy and happy.


School Your Self

Skills are what makes us confident and independent in life, and are essential for success. It takes determination and practice, but almost any skill can be learned or improved. In my blog, I will share with you the skills I’ve have learned that has helped me gain personal freedom and financial security, for the benefit of all.

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